Today was a special day! Faith visited the sweet girls at Girl Scout Troop 741. The girls worked hard to gather treats and blankets for Lake Charles Pit Bull Rescue! Troop 741 is also selling Girl Scout  cookies right now, so let them know if you would like to purchase some!


Faith Girl Scouts


After visiting with the girls, Faith and Megan went to deliver the treats! Our President In Training, Phoenix received them for us! We are very thankful for these hardworking girls and the opportunity to talk to them about rescue, service and therapy dogs!

Phoenix Faith


Faith is available for bookings to do what she does best, therapy work, as well as educate employees of your business about service dog regulations. Please email to make an appointment with Faith or to inquire about her resume. She is available for crisis situations as well. Faith must be allowed access to any an all public facilities per ADA rules.