Aaliyah Grace

This pretty girl is Aaliyah. She was pulled from CPAS and had her freedom ride today. She has really bad ear infections so she doesn’t put her ears up much but we’ll work on that. Sweet girl also has demodex. She has not reacted to any dogs that went by her kennel I’m keeping her in living room and that’s where every dog passes by. She’s going out just fine with eight other fosters in the home. She actually survived the distemper outbreak at CPAS. We couldn’t pull her until it was over and she is a SURVIVOR. She is a sweet girl with a beautiful sit and a wiggle butt!

She will be available for adoption once vetted.

If you would like to donate to her please do one of the following:
🐾 Contact our vet directly and let them know it is for LCPBR vet account at 337-479-1199
🐾 Donate to our PayPal at [email protected] (yes, there’s an extra “t”!)
🐾 Set up a monthly donation of your choosing at patreon.com/lakecharlespitbullrescue