Doc (Special Needs)

From the trainer/foster…….

Doc is such a sweet boy. Our last few weeks have been such a roller coaster. As a special needs training student, I feel he would do well with an owner that has more time at home to spend with him. He needs activities to keep his confidence level up. I’ve found that puzzle toys are wonderful for him. They challenge him cognitively as well as allow for reward upon completion which makes him so proud. He also adores water. Someone that could ensure some swim time would be awesome. Doc knows how to sit, stay, lay down, shake, heel, and kennel up. Due to his previous sustained injuries and repair to bladder and bowel, I felt it was very important to teach him to associate a noise with potty time. Doc is trained with potty bells that will leave with him. Since learning the bells, his accidents (what he can control) have diminished drastically. He struggles with anxiety and will need a patient owner that understands this beauty is a special needs survivor. It is my however, my recommendation that Doc is ready for adoption.