What Does a Service Dog Cost?
Many factors determine the cost of a service dog. The following is a breakdown of our cost:
300 hours of training, cost $6000.00/year ($500.00/month). This figure includes housing and training of the dog, as well as evaluation and acceptance of veteran into the program, all time spent consulting with counselor and doctors, all testing and registration costs, traveling costs, public access training, and training with veteran after “hand off”. This cost also includes quarterly reports  for the remainder of the dog’s life. The training of each service dog is catered to the specific needs of each veteran.
Food and training treats, cost $1200.00/year. All dogs are provided with, per month, 1 bag of Purina Pro-Plan Sport at $42.99/33lb a bag, Supplements from BARF raw food (please visit http://www.barfworld.com/ for more information on the benefits of raw food supplements), and training treats: minimum of 2 rolls at $12.99/roll via Petco.
Vetting: Basic
Proheart injection (3) * $164.40
Comfortis K-9 flea prevention (12 mos) $194.60
Exam $15.00
DHLP Booster $11.75
Parvovirus Booster $9.75
Rabies Vaccination Calcasieu Parish (2) * $26.50
Rabies-Calcasieu Parish Tag-Altered (2) * $22.00
Bordetella Booster (2) ** $22.00
Fecal exam $19.00
Heartworm test $28.50
Anesthesia $63.00
Spay/neuter $79.00
Boarding (overnight for spay/neuter) $13.25
Torbutrol/Buprinex pain injection $18.00
Microchip implantation and registration $38.00
Sharps disposal fee $4.00
Tax $17.50
* We hand off dog with vetting for a year covered.
** Bordetella is only viable for 6 months, in a kennel environment with numerous dogs, this booster should be given every 6 months.
Vetting: Extended
Heartworm treatment:
Heartworm Tx-Immiticide 51-80 lbs (1.5) $468.00
Boarding (3 nights) $39.75
Rimadyl (Canine 41-80 lbs) for pain (7) $16.23
Doxycycline 300 mg capsule (60) $44.40
Sharps disposal fee (3) $6.00
Heartworm examination $24.50
Heartworm treatment (2nd part) $49.00
Heartworm test-Occult $28.50
Tax $5.46

Various vetting:
SMZ-TMP 960= Coccidiosis treatment (14) $13.64
PPM Triwormer tablet-canine (3) $20.25
Mitaban Dip-Red Mange treatment (5) $145.00
Doxycycline 200 mg- kennel cough (28) $19.52
Lyme Sulfa dip-ringworm treatment (4) $104.00
Dental $177.00

Please note- not all dogs will incur each of these costs. This is a general break down of what vetting can cost. Each individual dog in the program will be given a detailed break down of what their particular vetting cost. Also, any emergency vetting costs will be covered exclusively by Lake Charles Pit Bull Rescue.
Care Package for Veteran Upon Delivery:
Vest (with proper patches and ID) $120.00
Leash, collar, and 1 bag of food $73.00
Kuranda Bed $116.20
Crate (Petco, does not include tax) $119.99

This care package does not include needed gear for a mobility service dog.

A service dog in our program can cost anywhere from $8,000.00 to roughly $10,000.00.